Made in Maine, USA

The ExerTies Story

My accomplished "soccer referee" sister had a wicked good idea . . . .Part of her job, from little kids up to Division 1, is the safety check at the beginning of every game. Frequently she has to ask players to remove their jewelry, and some leagues don't allow the hard-scratchy Velcro sleeve ties either. Fortunately, her brother (me) works with a great team of people developing silicone products . . . . hence ExerTies were born!

ExerTies are a simple product, but did evolve over time with the addition of the reinforced eyelet and upgraded button. Like all the products we produce, ExerTies are made from Medical-Healthcare Grade Class VI Silicone Rubber. This grade of FDA approved Silicone is used for baby bottle nipples, Scuba mouthpieces, food handling, always safe for skin contact.

We want to know: What do you do with ExerTies?

Of course ExerTies are not just for Soccer, people use them for any and all sports including Volleyball, Softball & Cheerleading and beyond. Other non-sport uses include avoiding tan lines, computer/electronics cable management, frozen food bag wraps and key chain organizers. Our Maine-factory team uses them around the shop to secure injection mold water hoses and heater cables because silicone stays flexible from very high temperatures to freezing cold.

Thank you for your interest in our Made in Maine USA product.
We would appreciate you sharing a photo of how you use your ExerTies!!
Andrew Powell and the Casco Bay Molding Team